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Episode Guide

Episode 1 09-26-84 "Pilot"
In the pilot show, Norman is the new neighbor who Matt is dead set on ousting from the building. Not only does Norman, the struggling writer have his sights set on Matt's widowed mother, he's also now occupying the space Matt used to sell term papers.

Episode 2 10-03-84 "Put To The Test"
Matt and Eli's plans of selling test answers is thwarted when their full time teacher who leaves for maternity leave is replaced by none other than Norman, who seems to know exactly what Matt and his friends are up to.

Episode 3 10-17-84 "Dating Games"
Matt does all he can to persuade his pretty sister Julie, to take his best friend Eli to the school dance. Big problem, Julie hates Eli, so it's up to Matt to do all he can to get Eli the date with Julie.

Episode 4 10-24-84 "Night Work"
Norman takes a night job, Matt decides his empty apartment at night is going to make a great place to take an older girl to that he has a crush on. However, it's just not so easy...

Episode 5 10-31-84 "Pajama Party"
Julie's big pajama party is bugged by Matt, who monitors from Norman's apartment trying to get vital information to use against his sister. (Look for Jason Bateman's real life sister, Justine Bateman in this episode).

Episode 6 11-14-84 "Love Letters"
Confusion reigns in this episode where Matt and Norman can't figure out love letters they anonymously receive are planted by each other or are the real deal. Too funny...

Episode 7 11-23-84 "Dad And Me"
Matt and Norman are forced to scheme a way to replace the Burton's furniture which was apparently stolen when they figured it was a prank by each other. So, they go on a game show and pose as a father and son team and hope for the best.

Episode 8 11-28-84 "The Rival"
Matt tries to set Norman off once and for all, in hopes his Mother will say bye to Norman forever. Matt hires an actor to win over his mom's attention and set off Norman.

Episode 9 12-05-84 "Top Dog"
Matt and classmates succeed in making their teacher so frustrated to up and quit.. however, the happiness of the success is short-lived as (you guessed it) the replacement teacher is none other than his "buddy" Norman.

Episode 10 12-14-84 "Don't Leave Home Without It"
Norman finally gets to take Eileen on a vacation and pay the way for a change, thanks to his newly issued credit card. However, things just don't turn out as planned as you can probably tell by the title...

Episode 11 12-19-84 "The Christmas Show"
It's Christmas, Eileen wants to celebrate in a more modern day fashion and Norman wants just the opposite, an old fashioned back to basics form of Christmas.

Episode 12 01-02-85 "The Dreggs of Humanity Part 1"
Matt and Eli must compromise in hiring a band for a school event since they don't have the funds they were counting on, in fact, they really don't hire a real band at all when they arrange for The Dreggs of Humanity to play... (Part 1 of 2)

Episode 13 01-09-85 "The Dreggs of Humanity Part 2"
The Dreggs of Humanity turn out to be a hit and they're wanted for a major concert event, Norman tries to uncover the secret behind the band... (Part 2 of 2)

Episode 14 01-26-85 "Caught In The Act"
Norman badgers Eileen to help him in writing his book and Eileen catches Matt in another scheme.

Episode 15 02-02-85 "Eli's Song"
Eli feels left out of everything at school, Matt finds a way to get him on the soccer team as a substitute, however, when the main goalie goes down injured, Eli's the man and there's little confidence in Eli to save the team.

Episode 16 02-09-85 "A Woman Is Just a Woman"
Eileen's hand is sought in marriage by a millionaire lumber dealer, however Eileen turns him down much to her Julie and Matt's disappointment. Norman devises a way to make Eileen think he's going to do the same act of love for her in having an old friend (posing as rich) drop by and propose and then turn her down in front of Eileen and her Bridge club, however, Matt has other plans.

Episode 17 02-16-85 "The Experts"
Norman and principal Ellis get their heads together in order to make more money and get away from their current means of modest money making... eventually, it's Matt who becomes the one they look to for help.

Episode 18 02-23-85 "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen"
Julie's having one tough time in her quest to make it back on the cheerleading squad. It seems someone is out to make it impossible for her to do so. She breaks down and appeals to Matt and all his expertise to figure out the root of her problems.

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