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Episode Guide

Please note: At this time, the Episode Guide is NOT complete! All titles are here, however, all episode descriptions and plot summaries are NOT. I plan to add more to this guide as time goes by. Enjoy! If you can offer any info for this page, please contact me by e-mail: dsp77@yahoo.com

Ep.    Ep.           Orig.    
#    Title         Airdate
-- -------------   ---------
This is the believed broadcast order.  The production order may vary slightly. 

01 "How To Not To" 01/26/79 

Writers:        Dick Bensfield & Perry Grant

Guest Actors:   Joe Medalis as Engineer
                Christian Zika as Bobby

[PLOT SUMMARY]: (Pilot Episode) Diane's
                boyfriend is putting much
                pressure on her to go all
                the way.  

05 "The New Kid" 02/23/79

Writer:         George Tibbles

Guest Actors:   Kerry Muir as Olivia
                Julie Anne Huddock as Phyllis
                Jamie Anne Parsons as Debbie

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Ruthie is rejected at school
                by her friends as they learn
                her dad is the local outspoken
                talk-show host.

02 "The Final Papers" 02/02/79

Teleplay:       Milt Rosen

Story:          Dick Bensfield & Perry Grant

Guest Actors:   Anne Sweeny as Greta
                Sherri Spillane as Lori
                Carolos Brown as Max

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Larry receives his final 
                divorce papers and struggles
                with his emotions.

03 "The Hitchhiker" 02/09/79

Writers:        Dick Bensfield & Perry Grant

Guest Actor:    Brad Trumbull as the Policeman

[PLOT SUMMARY]: A homesick Diane begins to
                miss her boyfriend in L.A.
                So, she decides to hitch
                her way back.
04 "Mother Morgan" 02/16/79

Writer:         Howard Albrecht

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Diane and Ruthie begin to
                miss their mom and Morgan
                helps fill the void.
05 "The New Kid" 02/23/79

Writer:         George Tibbles

Guest Actors:   Kerry Muir as Olivia
                Julie Anne Huddock as Phyllis
                Jamie Anne Parsons as Debbie

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Ruthie is rejected at school
                by her friends as they learn
                her dad is the local outspoken
                talk-show host.


06 "Ruthie's First Crush" 03/02/79

Writer:         George Tibbles

Guest Actors:   Geno Andrews as Eric Miller

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Ruthie and her friend Eric 
                develop a case of puppy love
                and aren't sure how to react.

07 "Larry's First Date" 03/09/79

Writer:         Martin Cohan

Guest Actors:   Jan Shutan as Laura Winslow
                Christopher Thomas as the Waiter

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Recently divorced Larry goes
                on a date with Morgan's 
                sister much to Morgan's worry.

08 "Peer Pressure" 03/16/79

Writer:         Lois Hire

Guest Actor:    Karen Obidiear as Cindy

[PLOT SUMMARY]: It's feared that Diane is
                on uppers when Larry finds
                them in her purse.

09 "Leona The New Neighbor" 03/23/79

Writer:         George Tibbles

Guest Actor:    Ruth Brown as Leona Wilson

[PLOT SUMMARY]: New tenant Leona moves into  
                Larry's building and aids his
                daughters but angers him. 
10 "The Triangle" 04/06/79

Teleplay:       George Tibbles

Story:          Celia Bonaduce & Anthony Bonaduce

Guest Actor:    Geno Andrews as Eric Miller

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Before a party at the Alders',
                Ruthie's boyfriend Eric gets 
                a crush on Diane.

11 "Larry's Bad Back"

12 "Rap With Ruthie"

Guest Actor:    Ruth Brown as Leona

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Ruthie gets to do her own
                radio talk-show for a school
                project.  She uses Larry's
                radio show airtime.
13 "My Sister The Criminal"

...End First Season...

...Start Second Season...

14 "Hello, Marion" Part 1

Guest Actors:   Shelley Fabares as Marion
                John Femia as Tommy
                Zale Kessler as Desk Clerk

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Larry's ex-wife Marion comes
                to visit while Larry has to 
                leave town with Morgan on a 
                business trip.
15 "Hello, Marion" Part 2

Guest Actors:   Shelley Fabares as Marion
                John Femia as Tommy
                Lee Delano as Raoul

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Ruthie keeps hoping her parents
                will get back together and tries
                much persuasion.  Larry and Marion
                go out and have an interesting night.
16 "Goodbye, Marion" Part 3

Guest Actors:   Shelley Fabares as Marion
                John Femia as Tommy

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Larry and Marion announce they
                are getting re-married.  However,
                they run into problems on where
                they will live and work...
17 "Ruthie Grows Up" Part 1

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Diane, thinking Ruthie is too
                much of a tomboy, gets Ruthie
                persuaded to go to a school
                dance and soon enough Ruthie
                develops a crush.
18 "Ruthie Grows Up" Part 2

19 "The Nude Emcee"

Writers:        Jay Sommers & Dick Chevillat

Guest Actors:   Dorothy Green as Mrs. Boylston
                Anulka Fox Sales as Francie

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Larry, in dire need of funds
                to buy a house for his daughters,
                is offered big money to be a nude
                emcee for a nude beauty contest.
20 "Morgan The Boss"

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Morgan becomes Larry's boss 
                and Larry is jealous of her
                new position and promotion.
21 "Marion's Fiancé"

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Marion's new fiancé comes
                to visit and mentions he
                and Marion will be seeking
                shared custody of the girls
                (6 months of the year).
22 "Diane Drinks"

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Trouble arises when Diane
                develops a drinking problem.
23 "Tommy The Houseguest"

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Tommy has to temporarily 
                move in with the Alders' 
                while his mother is away.
24 "Larry's Father"

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Larry's father moves in and 
                against Larry's wishes - gives
                Diane money to buy a car.
25 "Money From Home"

Writer:         Milt Rosen

Guest Actor:    Will Hunt as Wendell

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Larry's ex-wife sends a sizeable 
                check to help him buy a house
                for his daughters and challenges
                his pride.

26 "The Neighbor Dies"

Teleplay by:    Doug Tibbles & Barbara Tibbles

Story by:       Ralph Phillips, George Tibbles
                and Barbara Tibbles

Guest Actors:   Walter Burke as Mr. Vandervellen
                Frank Vohs as Ed

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Ruthie gets in a fight with
                her new piano teacher who is
                much disliked, he dies after
                their argument and she feels
27 "The Blind Friend"
[PLOT SUMMARY]: Morgan's blind nephew gets
                a sympathetic Ruthie to be 
                his date.

28 "Love Around The Corner"

Writers:        Woody Kling & George Tibbles

Guest Actors:   Rita Taggart as Marie
                Maxine Elliot as Mrs. Simpson

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Larry meets a female tenant (who
                happens to be Tommy's mother) in
                his buidling's laundry room 
                and things get serious.            

29 "Larry's Mid-Life Crisis" Part 1

Guest Actors:   Will Hunt as Wendell
                Gerry Black as The Officer
                John Bloom as The Big Guy
                Georgia Schmidt as Mrs. Wendover
                Chao-Li Chi as Mr. Wong
                Jane Chung as Mrs. Wong
                Margarita Garcia as Mrs. Garcia

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Larry uses his radio show to
                protest destruction of a local
                hotel housing senior citizens.
                He winds up in jail and is fired
                from his job.
30 "Larry's Mid-Life Crisis" Part 2

Writers:        Al Gordon & Jack Mendelson

Guest Actors:   Terry McGovern as Buddy Summers
                Cameron Young as Gary Cushing

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Larry seeks new job offers after
                the loss of his job.
31 "Larry's Mid-Life Crisis" Part 3

Guest Actors:   Dave Landsberg as Barton III
                Parley Baer as Barton Sr.

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Morgan also finds herself jobless
                and Larry confronts the station's 
                boss's son in order to at least get
                her job back with the station. 
32 "The Rock Star" Part 1

Guest Actors:   Joey Travolta as Curt Stone
                George O'Hanlan Jr. as Rick
                Robyn Petty as The Blue-Haired Girl
                Jeff Seymour as The Kissing Boy
                Laura Urstein as The First Girl
                Sandy Rosenberg as The Second Girl
                Susan Vickery as The Fourth Girl

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Diane meets and falls for a rock
                star and may be leaving
                home for him.

33 "The Rock Star" Part 2

Guest Actors:   Joey Travolta as Curt Stone
                George O'Hanlan as Rick
                Clyde Kusatsu as The Hotel Clerk
                Joseph Perry as Detective Raskin
                Peggy Mondo as The Large Lady
                Randy Edelman as Teddy
                Kipp Cochran as Security Guard

{PLOT SUMMARY]: Diane must decide between
                her new love (the rock star)
                and her family.
34 "The Protegé"

Guest Actor:    Barbara Cason as Miss Putman

{PLOT SUMMARY]: Tommy asks Larry for advice on 
                women.  Soon, Tommy is in trouble
                at school for kissing a girl
                in a broom closet.
35 "The Yearning"         

[PLOT SUMMARY]: Morgan's new secretary dates
                Larry's father and we find that
                marriage is in their plans.

Hopefully, more Plot Summaries will be added before too long!


Descriptions of the "Diff'rent Strokes" hour long episodes that featured the "Hello, Larry" cast are as follows: Note that numbers refer to episode in the "Diff'rent Strokes" series!  

19 "The Trip" 04/79  

[PLOT SUMMARY]: The Alder family welcomes
                Drummond's family to Portland,
                as Drummond is considering 
                the downsizing of Alder's
                radio station.

26 "Feudin' and Fussin'" 

[PLOT SUMMARY]: The Drummond family welcomes
                the Alders to NYC, as Larry
                auditions there for a tv

33 "Thanksgiving Crossover" 11/79  

[PLOT SUMMARY]: The Alders go to NYC one
                more time, as Larry tries
                to pitch the sale of a tv
                station he wants to manage
                to Drummond's company.



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