Welcome to the section of my webspace reserved for information about the 1984-5 NBC Sitcom titled IT'S YOUR MOVE. This series consisted of 18 episodes and was a lot of fun.


Jason Bateman .... Matthew Burton
Tricia Cast .... Julie Burton
Caren Kaye .... Eileen Burton
Garrett Morris .... Principal Dwight Ellis
David Garrison .... Norman Lamb
Ernie Sabella .... Lou Donatelli
Adam Jay Sadowsky.... Eli

Early NBC Promo. Picture of The Cast

From top, clockwise, Caren Kaye, David Garrison, Tricia Cast, Adam Jay Sadowski and Jason Bateman (center).

I have another great page for IT'S YOUR MOVE linked below which has show summaries for the titles and more - So, don't miss checking out the site!


It's Your Move - Episode Guide


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